Clear Aligners for Teens

Group photo of adolence using Invisalign for Teens

What are Clear Aligners?

Do you need braces but are concerned about their appearance? We have an alternative to braces – Clear Aligners for teens!

Clear Aligners are clear, smooth, plastic aligning trays that are removable. This allows you to enjoy your life without having to make changes for your orthodontic treatment. You can eat and drink what you want and smile with confidence knowing your working your way to a beautiful straight smile.

How Clear Aligners for Teens Work

Clear Aligners treatment consists of a series of clear, smooth, plastic aligning trays that fit onto your teeth. The trays are worn for at least 22 hours every day. A new alignment tray is inserted every 2 weeks, and with every tray you are one step closer to achieving your perfect smile. Clear Aligners are barely visible, you can feel confident knowing that when people look at you, all they will see is a brilliant smile.

Doctors Floreani, O’Toole & Dool can help you determine if Clear Aligners will best fit your individual needs. Please contact our office to schedule a FREE consultation and learn more about how we can help you achieve your straight smile.

How long is the Treatment?

The process for Clear Aligners begins with an in-depth analysis of your mouth and jaw. Next, we determine your ideal smile and take digital scans of your teeth and bite. We use these digital scans to create Invisalign aligners that are customized to gradually straighten your smile. The length of time it will take to achieve your new smile is highly variable; a few months for some patients, but 1-2 years for others.

Benefits for Teens

Easier Dental Hygiene: With traditional metal braces, brushing and flossing takes longer. With Clear Aligners, it is much easier. To keep your teeth clean, simply remove the trays, and brush/ floss your teeth the same as you have always done. The aligners themselves can be cleaned with a cleanser or by brushing and rinsing. Once clean, put them back in your mouth.

Clear Aligners Fit Your Teen Lifestyle: Your aligners can be taken out when needed, as long as you wear them for the recommended 22 hours every day. For example, if you play sports that require mouth guards, you can remove your aligners and replace them after the game. The same goes for Graduation and Picture Day at school, the aligners can be removed and stored on your “big day” or while you get your photo taken.

No Dietary Restrictions: Since these aligners are removable, you can eat and drink whatever you want. Simply remove the aligners at mealtime, eat/drink your favourites (popcorn, gum, soda, coffee), brush your teeth, and pop them back in.

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