Benefits of Clear Aligners

Benefits of Clear Aligners
Over Traditional Braces



Treatment consists of using a series of clear aligning trays to move the teeth over time. In some cases, small tooth coloured attachments are placed on certain teeth to retain the aligners and aid in complex tooth movements.


In addition to being virtually invisible, these aligners are removable.

No Diet Restrictions

There are no diet limitations on what you can eat or drink during treatment, as the trays are removed before meals. You can only drink cold water while the trays are in the mouth.
No restrictions.

Ease of Oral Hygiene

Trays are removed for normal brushing and flossing. The only difference is that the trays must be brushed with a soft tooth brush and gel toothpaste.


Most patients find Clear Aligners more comfortable than traditional braces. With no metal or wires and the smooth plastic trays feel more comfortable in your mouth. Patients also find there is less time getting adjustments and fewer emergencies.

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