Benefits of Braces

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Braces Will Give You a Straighter Smile, but Orthodontic Treatment is Much More Than That!

Your orthodontic treatment corrects alignment issues, improves your bite and chewing. There can be a wide range of benefits to braces, so your new smile can be one of the greatest investments in your health.

Improved Confidence

They say a smile is contagious, but most people who have crooked teeth or a bad bite will make an effort to hide their true smile. A beautiful straight smile can relieve the self-consciousness about your teeth and allow you to share your smile without hiding it.

Better Sleep & Breathing

Sleep and breathing have a direct relationship to the jaw position in certain sleep disorders such as obstructive sleep apnea and snoring. Orthodontic treatment can help improve both of these airway issues. Sleep apnea can be a problem for people with obstructed airways and we can help determine if Orthodontic treatment will improve this so that you can have more restful sleep.

Better Oral Health

Crowded and misaligned teeth can be hard to care for, making it difficult to brush and floss them properly. This can lead to increased oral health issues like cavities, staining, bone loss and gum disease. By correcting your smile with braces or clear aligners, you can properly care for your mouth and ensure your new smile is a healthy one.

Tooth Protection

Uneven teeth can cause different pressures and stresses on your teeth during chewing and biting. This can lead to worn down and damaged teeth. It’s important to note for adults, that after many years of wear and tear on incorrectly aligned teeth can cause the teeth to become severely worn down or chipped that treatment becomes costly. Prevention could save a lot of frustration and cost for these individuals by addressing the issue earlier.

Improved General Health

Did you know the health of your mouth can affect your entire body? Chewing your food requires a decent bite, misaligned teeth and bites can cause difficulty properly biting and chewing food. Correcting this issue can aid in digestion and better overall nutrition. Poorly aligned teeth that are difficult to clean can encourage gum disease. Gum disease can leech bacteria into your bloodstream and create inflammation and other infections throughout your body.

Improved Speech

Your teeth play a big part in the formation of words and sounds you make while speaking. Misaligned teeth have been known to make it difficult to pronounce certain words and in some cases, cause lisps and whistling. Protruding teeth, very narrow arches and severe crowding are the main reasons for this.

Reduced Pain

Misaligned teeth can cause increased pain and damage if you grind your teeth. Although grinding your teeth can be caused by emotional factors and stress, a misaligned bite can cause unintentional grinding. This can cause sleep issues, jaw pain, muscle and neck pain and headaches.

Start on a New Smile Today!

Braces can do so much more than just creating a straight beautiful smile – It can give you a healthy smile too. The team at Floreani, O’Toole & Dool Orthodontists look forward to treating your smile. We customize your Orthodontic Treatment to address specific needs, so if you’d like to discover how we can give you a straight smile for life – schedule your complimentary consultation today!

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