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At Floreani, O’Toole & Dool Orthodontists, we are committed to providing each of our patients with gentle, effective orthodontic treatment, to create a beautiful smile. Dr. Kent Floreani, Dr. Michael O’Toole, Dr. Carly Dool, and our experienced team know the positive difference that having great oral health and straight teeth has in our patients’ lives, and we’d like to make that difference for you. Here, we create individual treatment plans based on your unique dental structure, finding treatments that will work with your timeline, budget, and individual needs.

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Learn how you can get a better and healthier smile regardless of age with Floreani, O’Toole & Dool Orthodontists.

Types of Braces

See our braces options – from traditional to invisible, new technologies have opened up options that are more comfortable and flexible for everyone.

3M Aligners/Clear Aligners

Looking for a straighter smile without the hassle of braces? Look no further than 3M Aligners/Clear Aligners, a comfortable alternative to traditional metal braces.